Ministry of the Arts

ministry-artsWe, the Sisters of Charity of New York, have been drawn to bring Christ to others. As artists we have expressed God’s face of compassion, gentleness and mercy through liturgical dance, music, writing, painting, poetry and sculpture.

In our prayer we feel touched by the imagination of the Divine Artist and continue to stand ready to proclaim God’s creative bounty by our works of art.

“…What we have seen and heard we proclaim in turn to you…”
1 John 1:3

DePaul Sculpture Studio

For more than 30 years, the DePaul Sculpture Studio has exhibited incarnational spirituality – God’s love and compassion.

depaul-brochureartwork-04-mdThe works of Sister Margaret Beaudette, SC and Sister Kathleen Aucoin, SC grace churches, hospitals, shrines and universities across the U.S. They also are found in Bermuda, Canada, Haiti, South Korea and at Lourdes, France.

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Take the online tour, review the history of the studio, and the learn more about the works of Sr. Margaret and Sr. Kathleen.

Mother Teresa Award

In 2005, Sr. Margaret received a Mother Teresa Award from the St. Bernadette Institute of Sacred Art, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sponsoring religious art and artists. She was one of 33 individuals honored, including Pope John Paul II.

The Mother Teresa Awards were founded to recognize the achievements of those who beautify the world, especially in the fields of religion, social justice and the arts.