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Sr. Mary Richard Rowley

In Memoriam: Sister Mary Richard Rowley, SC

Never before have I realized the impact the presence of a Sister of Charity could bring. Sister Mary Richard Rowley (Margaret Mary) was born January 16, 1922 in Manhattan, the sixth of eight children—four daughters and four sons—of John and Mary O’Connor Rowley. Margaret attended Saint Alphonsus School and Cathedral High School, both in Manhattan. […]

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Sr. Marietta Joseph

In Memoriam: Sister Marietta Joseph Mackin, SC

You have invested your heart and soul into the students and faculty of Our Lady of the Angelus School. You have truly influenced and shaped our lives and, therefore, you will not be forgotten. Click here to view Sr. Marietta Joseph’s Mass of Christian Burial Sister Marietta Joseph Mackin (Mary Anne) was born October 12, […]

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Sr. Jane Maria Hoehn

In Memoriam: Sister Jane Maria Hoehn, SC

Her kindness, compassion, love of all God’s people, and sense of humor made her someone with whom people could talk easily. Sister Jane Maria Hoehn (Elizabeth Jane) was born in Ridgewood, Queens, on March 25, 1924, one of two daughters of George and Marguerite Ahearn Hoehn. Elizabeth attended PS 88 in Queens, Franklin K. Lane […]

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Sr. Rita Meaney

In Memoriam: Sister Rita Meaney, SC

Sister Rita considered it a privilege to have the opportunity to serve children and families in need… Sister Rita Meaney (Sister Maureen Catherine) was born in Bronx, NY, on October 7, 1924, one of three daughters and three sons of Patrick and Katherine Keating Meaney. Rita attended Saint Augustine School, Bronx, and Cathedral High School […]

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Sr. Helen Murphy

In Memoriam: Sister Helen Murphy, SC

With her quiet strength and thoughtful nature, Sister Helen dedicated a total of 45 years to the special call of child care service to the poor with humility and expertise. Sister Helen Murphy (Sister Marian Jeanne) was born July 8, 1923 in Yonkers, New York, one of two daughters and three sons of John and […]

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In Memoriam: Sister Mary Elizabeth Phelan, SC

Sister Mary Elizabeth will long be remembered by her students and their families for her kindness and compassion, as well as for all the knowledge she imparted to them. Sister Mary Elizabeth Phelan (Sister Raymond Marian) was born March 30, 1937 in Staten Island. The daughter of John Raymond and Lillian Mary Heddle Phelan, Mary […]

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Sr. Loretto John Meehan

In Memoriam: Sister Loretto John Meehan, SC

Sister Loretto John was a kind, compassionate and caring person and had a marvelous sense of humor. Sister Loretto John Meehan (Anna “Josie”) was born May 27, 1928 in Manhattan, one of four girls and one boy of Martin and Mary White Meehan. Josie attended Saint Paul’s School and Saint Jean Baptiste HS in Manhattan […]

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In Memoriam: Sister Marie Schutté, SC

Sister Marie’s students, their parents and all who knew her will long remember her kindness, generosity and compassion. Sister Marie Schutté (Sister Catherine Maureen) was born in Brooklyn May 16, 1924. She was one of three daughters and three sons of George and Catherine Schneller Schutté. Marie attended Saint Brigid School and Bishop McDonnell High […]

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Sr. Joan Glowacki

In Memoriam: Sister Joan Glowacki, SC

Both in and out of the classroom, Sister Joan was known as a kind and compassionate person who enjoyed teaching and various other jobs where she worked closely with people of all ages. Sister Joan Glowacki (Sister Maria Seton) was born December 22, 1927 in Maspeth, Queens, the daughter of Francis and Sophie Kaminski Glowacki. […]

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In Memoriam: Sister Margaret Aileen Fennell, SC

Sister Margaret Aileen loved her work with the children she taught and counseled. She will long be remembered by her students for the knowledge which she imparted and the helpful advice she so kindly gave. Sister Margaret Aileen Fennell (Sister Miriam Brendan) was born March 23, 1928 in New York City. She was one of […]

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