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In Memoriam: Sister Margaret Franks, SC

Her smiling face and jovial nature made her a welcome visitor to her clients, her sisters, and all her family and friends. Sister Margaret Franks (Sister Marian Christopher) was born May 30, 1923 in Manhattan, one of three daughters and two sons of Henry and Margaret Waters Franks. Margaret attended Saint Francis de Sales School […]

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In Memoriam: Sister Cecilia Haley, SC

“Sister Cecilia will be remembered by her students for her kindness and patience, and for her devotion in helping them learn to the best of their abilities.” Sister Cecilia Haley (Catherine) was born December 11, 1917 in Staten Island. She was one of three children, two boys and one girl, of James and Anne Johnston […]

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In Memoriam: Sister Patricia Lawlor, SC

“This ministry certainly teaches me about healing, love, prayer, joy and suffering, and about the beauty of my brothers and sisters—images of God.” Sister Patricia Lawlor (Sister Mary Philomena) was born November 17, 1929 in Manhattan, one of three children—two daughters and one son—of Richard and Sarah Hughes Lawlor. Pat attended Saint Rose of Lima […]

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In Memoriam: Sister Mary M. Kilmartin, SC

Those who crossed paths with Sister Mary Kilmartin may count themselves as very fortunate indeed. She sought excellence in education and taught her students to do the same. Sister Mary Kilmartin (Sister Grace Michael) was born November 15, 1932 in Bronx, New York, one of two daughters of Michael and Alice McKnight Kilmartin. Mary attended […]

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In Memoriam: Sister Anne Mary Regan, SC

Throughout her years of ministry Sister Anne Mary was known as a kind, concerned and compassionate nurse. She was much-loved by her patients, students, co-workers … Sister Anne Mary Regan (Genevieve C.) was born November 4, 1911 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She was one of five daughters and six sons born to John and Ann Gilbert […]

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In Memoriam: Sister Teresa Kelly, SC

It’s a very special kind of job…not many people go to the place where they work and have a child reaching out and running to them saying, ‘I love you,’ or ‘I missed you.’ Sister Teresa Kelly (Sister Marilda John) was born September 25, 1934 in Bronx, New York, one of two daughters of John […]

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In Memoriam: Sister Rose Maureen Dormer, SC

Sister Rose Maureen will long be remembered by her students and their parents for the love of learning, which she imparted in the classroom, and her compassion and kindness as a counselor. Sister Rose Maureen Dormer (Margaret) was born on April 5, 1925 in Shamokin, Pennsylvania. She was one of five children of Kyran and […]

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In Memoriam: Sister Maureen Dunn, SC

Sister Maureen is a gifted teacher and administrator of considerable skills, known for her extraordinary energy, deep devotion to the children and parents of Incarnation, and her keen sense of humor.  (Incarnation Parish) Sister Maureen Dunn (Sister Marita Michael) was born on August 14, 1942 in Manhattan. She and her brother, Michael, were the only […]

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In Memoriam: Sister Rosemary O’Donnell, SC

All who knew Sister Rosemary will remember her kind and gentle ways, her beautiful smile, and her dedication to education and the children she taught, as well as their parents and families.   Sister Rosemary O’Donnell (Sister Regina Joseph) was born on August 16, 1927 on Staten Island, one of three children born to Thomas and […]

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In Memoriam: Sister Rita Elizabeth Moon, SC

“Each one of us is made for something, and this [religious life] was my calling.”   Sister Rita Elizabeth Moon (Sister Elizabeth Regina) was born on June 7, 1926 in Bronx, NY, the only child of James and Matilda Borchert Moon. Rita attended Holy Name School, Cathedral High School, and the Baby Nurse Program at […]

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